5 Reasons Why Virginity Is Matter For Boys

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What does the bible say about abstinence and the reasons for teenagers giving up their “virginity”? The word “abstinence” in the Bible doesn’t always mean the same thing as the popular use of the word today. In fact, the Bible actually calls for young children to be taught self-control even at a very young age (Levi tic 15:5). This passage is important because self-control and self-discipline are important characteristics to follow when one is growing up into adulthood (the biblical age of accountability).

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The first reason why abstinence from sex is important to a young man is because it sets a good example. God did not make Adam or Eve to get married because they were given the chance to get married if they so chose. So, if an adulterer or a child abuser is not following the example of his father and grandfather then why should he be given the chance to get married? Abstinence in this case also teaches responsibility. If an adulterer chooses to get married then he should know that he will be held responsible for any children he brings into the world because he was given the option.

The second reason why abstinence is important for boys is because it keeps them out of God’s care. It goes against the natural plan of salvation. As we all know, God created mankind at the beginning of time. Through our disobedience, we have become carnal and sexual (both in deed and in thought). God doesn’t hold us accountable for our actions in this life but instead, He waits for righteous people to come into the world – which includes both boys and girls (Genesis 6:2-3).

This brings us to the third reason – shame. God doesn’t want anyone to see the shame that comes with being a virgin. That shame is a mark of a failed life, and that alone should be reason enough for a boy to wait until he is an adult before he shares his bed with a woman. We should not be surprised when he says that he will wait to marry until he is grown (since that has already been said), and that he will remain single until he has completed whatever he is going through to become a fully grown man (which will inevitably happen, since he was never young in the first place).

And finally, abstinence is a gift from God. God doesn’t make a child a Christian simply by sending him or her to school and saying “be a good Christian.” It takes effort on the part of the child and adult Christian to stay dedicated and devoted to what they believe. They should take great pride in their work and stand proud before the Lord and others as their shining example to teach the Word to all who are still seeking the Kingdom of God. When young adult reaches that point in their life, it is a proud and happy occasion to celebrate the many special blessings God has given him – and that includes the privilege of being the child of God.

It is wrong to assume that sexual activity is not important in a relationship between a boy and a girl. Far, from it! God wants children to grow up positively and to experience all that sex means, both physical and spiritual. With appropriate education, sex will be positive and healthy, not only for the young adult but also for his brothers and sisters.

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